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Passion Punch.

I have no excuses. All of our new spring rainbow colorways are named after drinks of some kind. Yummy drinks = yummy yarn. That's my thinking, at least.

Do you agree?

Passion Punch is a delightful shade of violet, with lovely pink undertones.

Manly? No. But I can see this for a dude, especially if used as an accent with a stronger navy, brown, or black.

Just you wait, Henry Higgins. This rainbow rocks. I shall show you the complete picture when I tire of this cat and mouse game.

We're wrapping up what has been -- quite possibly -- one of the busiest weeks ever in the studio. April clubs are nearly finished, we're closing up our awesome selections for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and we've also had our full bevy of other retail orders to complete as well.

And we've done it all with a smile on our faces. I love it, I love to be busy. Busy makes the work day fly by, busy makes sure there's a spring in your step and a star in the sky.

It rhymes, and thus it must be true.

Thanks for keeping us busy! More previews tomorrow!






Mojito looks great with Agua Vida.

Mojito looks great by itself.

Or with mint leaves.

Mojito will look great at The Backwards Loop next week. It will look great at the Cloverhill Yarn booth at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival the first weekend in May.

Mojito is to your yarn wardrobe what parsley is to cooking. It infuses a fresh flavor. It enlivens and awakens. It feels like spring, like the sun on your face, like a bright breeze, like the smell of new growth.



Water. Life. Water of life. Agua Vida.

So named is this new spring colorway:

Agua Vida.

Did you hear me?

New spring colorway.

Agua Vida in a pretty handmade bowl.

Agua Vida at your house soon?

Agua Vida, one of nine new Frosted Solid colorways that make up our Spring Rainbow. They'll be arriving at retailers shortly -- be sure to check our Yarn Shop Stockings page for updates.

More previews and info on the Spring Rainbow to follow each day.





Poor, lonely me.

I'm the only one here in the studio without multiple tattoos.

Boy Aaron has this on his arm:

We have a homophone situation here in the studio. A boy named Aaron and a girl named Erin. I tried calling Boy Aaron by his last name, but he didn't like it. I've suggested several other nicknames, and he has rebuffed every suggestion. For lack of a better nickname, he's just now referred to as Boy Aaron.

He calls me Boss Lady.

Erin has several, including this one on her back:

Shelley has nine or ten small tattoos. Shelley hates it when I call her Shelley, so I do it just to bother her.

And here I am, with no tattoos whatsoever, not even a little shamrock on my backside like John F. Kennedy, Jr. had.

How about you? I am curious to know what percentage of you have ink.



A fine day to be alive.

A fine day to see the sun glittering on the largest lake in the world. A fine day to be thinking about the new spring colorways you'll be shipping to retailers soon.


A fine day to see a 1,004-foot long boat arriving into port.


A fine morning to just happen to have your camera with you, even though you brought the wrong lens.


A fine day for a daddy to take his little girl to see the boat come in. She waved at the deck crew, and they waved back.


A fine day for me to have worn my warm coat and sensible shoes.


A fine day for the crew of the Mesabi Miner to pull into this fine port at the head of the Great Lakes. I bet they're glad to see it.


A fine day for the captain of the Miner to discharge all his ballast water to make room for the coal he'll be loading today.


A fine day for the Aerial Lift Bridge to go up and down, up and down, up and down.


A fine day for the children waiting aboard school buses to be late for first bell.  The people of the world need their coal so their power plants can make electricity so they can have computers and read this blog that has absolutely nothing to do with knitting anymore and who am I kidding, no one.

But it's still a fine day just the same.


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